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  • 東京藝術大学音楽学部邦楽科卒業
  • 東京藝術大学大学院修士課程音楽研究科修了
  • 東京藝術大学音楽研究センター助手として勤務(2011-2013)


  • NHK大河ドラマ『平清盛』音楽演出に参加・雅楽師役にて出演


  • 日伯移民105周年記念事業ブラジル・サンパウロへの単独招聘演奏(於: サンパウロ美術館、他)
  • 国際交流基金ブラジル日本文化センター主催による講義『Son do Zen』を努める
  • 私立カンタレイラ音楽大学での講義を努める
  • 曹洞宗極楽寺(熊本県阿蘇市)主催コンサートに出演


  • NHK大河ドラマ『軍師官兵衛』一節切尺八指導で参加
  • 橿原市主催『春の神武祭』点灯式に出演
  • 日本舞踊叶流家元『創流40周年記念演奏会』に賛助出演
  • 美川憲一 朗読公演『楢山節考』に出演
  • アメリカ・デンバーでの尺八ワークショップ・コンサートに出演
  • ブラジル・リオデジャネイロ公演(ICBJ)への単独招聘演奏
  • リオデジャネイロ州立大学での講義を努める
  • 世田谷区立郷土資料館開館50年記念レセプションに於いて「伝 玄庵切尺八」の復元演奏を賜る
  • 北海道立釧路芸術館アートホール『日本芸能探訪』に出演
  • 北海道教育大学釧路校での講義を努める
  • 今井まちづくりセンターにて『尺八楽の會』を企画


  • 名取裕子三越劇場公演『居酒屋お夏』音楽演出に参加
  • NHKドラマ木曜時代劇 『かぶき者 慶次』音楽演出に参加
  • 橿原神宮庁『神武天皇祭』献奏を橿原神宮礼拝殿にて御命日に努める
  • 橿原市より「観光アドバイザー」の委託を拝命する
  • 吉幾三中日劇場納涼公演『深川年増』音楽演出に参加
  • オーストリア・ウイーン美術史美術館に於いてソロリサイタルを努める
  • 人間国宝・新内仲三郎三越劇場公演『空海〜人になれ人〜』に出演
  • 今井町尺八勉強会(奈良県橿原市)・西九条尺八勉強会(大阪府西区)を主宰
  • 青山ファーマーズマーケット『Norah』・カルチャーマガジン『Winkle』での執筆連載を努める





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  • Born in the City of Asuka, in the province of Nara, one of the cradles of Japanese culture, YousukeYabuuchi has been playing the shakuhachi for over 20 years.
  • He graduated at The Tokyo University of Fine Arts (Tokyo Geijustsu Daigaku) in Japanese Traditional Music Performance and he has a Master’s degree from the same university where he’s conducted a thorough research on the shakuhachi construction techniques throughout the centuries.
  • Besides working as a research assistant at The Center for Music Research at Tokyo University of Fine Arts from 2011 to 2013 he is a holder of the Kinko Ryu tradition, descending from the most distinguished masters of this ancient lineage.
  • His recent performances and contributions include:
    • - Guest musician for Yuko Natori's "IzakayaOnatsu" at Mitsukoshi Theater, 2015
    • - Guest musician for NHK Thursdays Epic Drama "Kabukimono Keiji", 2015
    • - Live performance at the Emperor Jinmu Festival rite, the first emperor of Japan, at Kashihara Shrine, 2015
    • - Tourism Advisor by the City of Kashihara, as of 2015
    • - Lecturer at Hokkaido University of Education Kushiro, Hokkaido, 2014
    • - Columnist for the Tokyo Aoyama Farmers' Market Chronicle "Norah" and Culture Magazine "Winkle." 2014
    • - Instructor for “Hitoyogiri Shakuhachi" during NHK Taiga drama ”Gunshi Kanbei” shot in 2014
    • - Performer during the Spring Festival Opening Ceremony for Emperor Jinmu, the first emperor of Japan, at Kashihara Shrine, 2014
    • - Performer at the 40th anniversary celebration of the Traditional Japanese Dance School Kanoh at its Headquarters, 2014
    • - Performance at Kenichi Mikawa's oration of "Narayama Bushi Kou", 2014
    • - Solo concert in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A., 2014
    • - Performance of“Gen Ann Giri” at Setagaya Ward Regional Museum's 50th Anniversary Reception, 2014
    • - Solo and Ensemble concert for the celebrations of the 105th anniversary of Japanese immigration to Brazil sponsored by the ICBJ (Cultural Institute Brazil-Japan) and the Japanese Cultural Embassy, at Cultural Center Banco do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2014
    • - Lecturer at Estate University of Rio de Janeiro sponsored by the Japanese Cultural Embassy - "Sounds of Zen", Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2014
    • - Solo and Ensemble concert at MASP – Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo with sponsored byJapan Foundation, São Paulo, Brazil, 2013
    • - Lecturer at Japan Foundation Cultural Center - "Sounds of Zen" and demonstration of the shakuhachi soundscapes at the CantareiraMusic College, São Paulo, Brazil, 2013
    • - Appearance on NHK's Taiga drama (Epic TV Drama) “Taira no Kiyomori”, 2012
      Guest musician for "Bamboo Flute Researcher's Group 11th regular concert" performance at important cultural property Denju Hall, Gangnam, South Korea, 2011
    • - Chaired Shakuhachi Study Groups in the Township of Imai-cho in Kashihara City, Nara Prefecture and Nishikujo of West Ward, Osaka.
    • - Curretn Instructor at Suizen Shakuhachi Dojo in Brazil, Denver and Tokyo.
  • At the present moment he is developing his approach about the Creative Thinking of Zen, a method for personal development that transcends social and cultural barriers and can be comprehended as an universal idea.


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